Reasons for building

I built this out of frustration with existing options for making windrose charts. Moreover it was a project for checking out some libraries and frameworks I wanted to learn.


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Tips for further editing

You can then import the SVG output file into Adobe Illustrator or a similar program to manually edit the labels If you download the windrose as SVG then you can import the file into a vector editing program like Inkscape (free & open-source), Sketch or Adobe Illustrator to edit it further. If you know a little about SVG you can open it in text editor (like VS Code) and make changes directly.

Need even more control over your windrose? If you're familiar with D3.js, here's a good Observable notebook (it's mine hehe) to get you started. JavaScript not your jam, but Python or R are? Check out python-windrose, a matplotlib based library. Or usethis R script.